Stadium vendors & hawkers work in the seating areas of stadiums. We sell products like Snow Cones, Cotton Candy, Bottled Water, Peanuts and Alcoholic Beverages.

We earn a percentage for every product we sell. This is called commission. In most cases, vendors are paid at the end of each event day. You are also eligible for the daily "TOP DOG" bonus. This cash bonus goes to the highest selling vendor for the day. Vendors also earn gratuity from customers.

Vendors walk every step in the stadium. Multiple times per event. They have extra loud voices and speak clearly. The highest earning vendors always carry a big smile, loud voice and are in excellent physical condition. 

Many vendors travel to large events like the World Series and Super Bowl. While others prefer to anchor down at their local stadium. You can also build a schedule of both. This makes for a very rewarding career. Where you meet interesting people, make your own schedule and earn great money. Full time or Part time. The stadium is your oyster! 


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